bottled-water-health1I’m not the first one to talk about this but there is an unfinished debate of whether you should drink only bottled water or is tap water just as good. And by bottled, I mean all water that comes in containers like in offices, airplanes, etc. It may seem cleaner but it’s not. Unless you know very well where does the water comes from, you shouldn’t assume that the company that produces it, takes the measures that are good for you and not their bottom line. So, all in all, I stay away from bottled water almost always.

I still hear a lot of opinions that water saving is a waste of time. It’s so strange to be honest. Leaving the fact that global warming is real, this past year was so dry all around the world. I’ve been doing a lot of research and places where it’s usually rainy, have had massive droughts. Let’s say you don’t care about the planet overall, you probably care about how thick is your wallet. Even summer has been a fact, Preserving water can actually have huge financial benefits. Being smart with water is not that hard and hugely beneficial.

rainwater-collection2I’ve been working on saving water for almost a year now. One thing I’ve always dreamed of was installing a rain-water collection system. But it seems so expensive I really don’t know how soon it pays off. So, I want to ask for your help. Maybe some of you have experience in collecting rainwater?

I could use any help at all – prices, DIY tips, anything at all. I would really appreciate it and maybe I could repay you somehow. This has been my dream for a while and I would love to do it in the next couple of months.

T46fV-3UxL36w10Kv7yO7GsMNlFRmkQzKc3xp951SsSI19muQp7HHf_IIK4ylVy0OQ=h900Today I want to talk about something a little different. I haven’t told you this, but occasionally I like to play online poker. I think having to deal with upswings and downswings makes poker players a very generous bunch. Today I heard that my favorite poker site is going for legislation in Brazil. Hopefully, Full Tilt Poker’s Brazil campaign goes well. Leaving the games aside, I love the site just for being generous. Whenever there is a serious cause, they create tournaments where players can donate by buyig-in. It’s a super accessible way to raise awareness and funds to help someone.

Hi, guys.

Today I’m bringing you another set of water-saving tips that will help you save some money and help the planet.

-Did you know that washing your dark clothes in cold water not only saves you energy, but helps your clothes retain their colors? It’s true.

-Also, put a plastic container in your toilet tank. For most of you it will save at least 20 liters per day, for some going as high as 37 liters. That’s 13,505 liters per year that you don’t have to pay for anymore.

Last time I wrote about the draught in California. But it’s not only place where this save water save lifesummer caused water problems. I heard of many places where the lack of rain resulted in massive decrease of water level even in major rivers, the death of millions of fish.
However, the summer has passed. September – October are the “rainiest” months of the years in many countries so it’s you time to act. What will you do to make a difference?
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Hi, guys.

This time it’s a different post. No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard about the 4-year drought in California. Last week there was a story about thousands of black balls they’ve released into the ocean to reduce the effects from the sun.


Maybe now it’s California but let his be a lesson to all of us. Water is a precious recourse we have to value. Save it. Whether rainwater harvesting, using dishwasher only on full load or water-saving showerheads, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be beneficial globally and on a financial level personally.

Water-bottleAs I said last time, I stopped drinking coffee. I felt sleepy for a couple of days while my body was still adjusting but now I feel much better. I’m not saying I won’t drink coffee anymore. I just don’t want drinking coffee be a habit.

However, that needed a replacement so I started drinking much more water. It now drink 1-2 grasses of water every morning. I failed a few mornings but then I started leaving two glasses of water beside my bed before going to sleep and now I never miss it. Try it!

coffee-owlYesterday was one of the hottest days of this summer. It started like any other, I came to work, made a cup of coffee. Then, as I usually do, I drank another cup of coffee after lunch. And like 5-10 minutes later I felt chest pain. I guess my heart was pumping hard enough from all the heat and coffee jus too much.

Now, my first thought was “I can’t stop coffee. I need it”. But then I realized how stupid it sounds. It’s time to quit if you feel addicted to something. So, here’s my challenge for the week. 😉

menMy name Thomas. This will be my blog. It’s probably crazy to dedicate an own blog for water, I know. However, there is no denying that water is important. 8 glasses a day and all that. So, I’ll use this blog to educate myself and you about the benefits of water but I’ll also expand to dieting and exercise and everything health-related. These are important topics that so many of us forget. I haven’t worked it out completely yet but I will. Just give me a little time and I’m sure you’ll have a great time here.