Hi, guys.

This time it’s a different post. No matter where you live, you’ve probably heard about the 4-year drought in California. Last week there was a story about thousands of black balls they’ve released into the ocean to reduce the effects from the sun.


Maybe now it’s California but let his be a lesson to all of us. Water is a precious recourse we have to value. Save it. Whether rainwater harvesting, using dishwasher only on full load or water-saving showerheads, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be beneficial globally and on a financial level personally.

Water-bottleAs I said last time, I stopped drinking coffee. I felt sleepy for a couple of days while my body was still adjusting but now I feel much better. I’m not saying I won’t drink coffee anymore. I just don’t want drinking coffee be a habit.

However, that needed a replacement so I started drinking much more water. It now drink 1-2 grasses of water every morning. I failed a few mornings but then I started leaving two glasses of water beside my bed before going to sleep and now I never miss it. Try it!

coffee-owlYesterday was one of the hottest days of this summer. It started like any other, I came to work, made a cup of coffee. Then, as I usually do, I drank another cup of coffee after lunch. And like 5-10 minutes later I felt chest pain. I guess my heart was pumping hard enough from all the heat and coffee jus too much.

Now, my first thought was “I can’t stop coffee. I need it”. But then I realized how stupid it sounds. It’s time to quit if you feel addicted to something. So, here’s my challenge for the week. 😉

menMy name Thomas. This will be my blog. It’s probably crazy to dedicate an own blog for water, I know. However, there is no denying that water is important. 8 glasses a day and all that. So, I’ll use this blog to educate myself and you about the benefits of water but I’ll also expand to dieting and exercise and everything health-related. These are important topics that so many of us forget. I haven’t worked it out completely yet but I will. Just give me a little time and I’m sure you’ll have a great time here.